Healthy turn-arounds,
not health care run-arounds

We specialize in working with claims for

L&I (Workers’ Compensation) and
PIP (Personal Injury Protection).

Usually upon approval and following the guidelines set forth in the Washington Department of Labor and Industries pamphlet and FIRST having received approval from your claims manager at L&I, the cost is zero to our patients.
For PIP you must have prior approval, a prescription for massage from a doctor, and comply with insurance company directives and procedures.

We bill…You heal!

If you have other health insurance I can furnish you with a billing statement when you pay at the end of each session. You can then seek reimbursement from your insurance plan as I am a licensed health care practitioner. Check with your plan first for details on reimbursement for out-of-net-work providers.  Washington State laws are generally progressive in this regard.