Personalized manual therapy in a pedestrian mass-produced world

“Several years ago I had surgery to correct an incomplete forming of the right hip socket. ¬†When I left PT four months later, I was able to walk. However, I had little strength in my hip flexor and a dull, heavy ache remained. Before having the same procedure on the left hip, I had several sessions with Barry. Immediately the right hip felt lighter when moving. After the left hip surgery I met with Barry and could bend my knee and flex at the hip before I left the first post-op session. Recovery was dramatically quick and the hips remain pain free and as close to normal as I could hope.”
— Rachel, Research Scientist, PhD Bioengineering


As a health care professional for over 20 years I have seen the value of using many different treatment modalities. While there is a value in western medicine, there are so many other tools available to help people achieve a healthier life. I have used acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and Reiki to treat various sports related injuries throughout my life with some degree of success. I met Barry when a recurrent hip injury was keeping me from enjoying the activities I love to do. I was frustrated with my lack of improvement using some of the previously successful tools such as acupuncture and chiropractic. After my first session visit with Barry, I noticed marked improvement in my range of motion. After three sessions, my running and yoga practice took on a new level of ease. With Barry’s help, I am back to enjoying an active, healthy life.
— Tammy, RN


Three years ago I injured my left shoulder lifting weights. Pain and lack of mobility persisted and worsened to the point that I had a cortisone shot, which brought only brief, temporary relief. I tried acupuncture, with no success. I was dismayed by my doctor’s diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff, as my wife had recently undergone surgery for the same, and I witnessed, first-hand, the long recovery from such an operation.

Since my religious beliefs have me leaning strongly toward being a devout Coward, I opted against having the operation and resigned myself to not being able to play catch with my grandson, as well as enduring nightly stabs of pain when I would flop around in my sleep.

I met Barry Craig this winter and decided to see him, figuring I had nothing to lose. I am unable to explain his methods, but I can testify that I no longer have any of the pain associated with a torn rotator cuff, and that I am able to lift my left arm to an equal height of my good (right) arm. Nothing short of miraculous, if you ask me.
Frank, Banker


I have battled digestive problems my entire life. At 50, I noticed a general constitutional weakness that was keeping me from fully functioning to the point I was unable to work full time. In the early winter of 2011 I sought intensive support and deeper understanding of the patterns underlying my symptoms, which included several complementary modalities: M.D. chiropractor, yoga & naturopath. I started sessions with Mr. Craig after being intrigued by his work. On the day before my children were coming home for a holiday visit, I was walking to an appointment and I fell on my face — literally. My left cheekbone took the entire force of the fall. Mr. Craig coaxed me out of shock. Surprisingly, I was able to fully function that day and the next. I was astounded that I did not need to take naps to recover from the initial trauma. With regular sessions the lump on my cheek never got very big or bruised and was largely healed within a couple of weeks. We continued sessions for my more intractable digestive concerns. Because of these sessions, my resilience and strength increased enough that I was able to hold down full time work by August after moving my family across the country. Mr. Craig’s work was central to my improved condition and I miss having it available on a regular basis. When I return to Seattle for visits I schedule a session with Mr. Craig.

In late April, 2012 my 17-year old daughter, an elite high school athlete, injured her ankle. The diagnosis was 5th metatarsal avulsion, although it looked to us like there were injuries to other parts of the foot as well. She was not allowed to put weight on the foot for 5 weeks. During that time she had weekly sessions with Mr. Craig. At her 5-week follow up, her M.D. was astounded at how quickly the injury healed. When he put the new x-rays up on the screen (three of them) each time he exclaimed, “WOW!” She was cleared to go into full physical therapy mode. She regained full mobility and was back to playing volleyball with complete functionality of the foot, including a full season in the fall of 2012.
Gena, Attorney and Mom