Fluids! Fascia! Therapy!

Oct 15, 2017  9am-6pm  (8 CEU)
Cortiva Institute
425 Pontius Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
July 16 or Oct 29, 2017  9-6  (8 CEU)
East West College of the Healing Arts
525 NE Oregon St
Portland, OR 97232
http://eastwestcollege.com and click continuing education

Course Description:

The course presents to manual, movement therapists, dancers and dance teachers of all licensures, certifications and partner styles recent research on the critical, yet universally overlooked role, fluids within the fascia play in functional movement, manual therapy and dance.   Having reviewed the research, we will explore ways to develop manual and movement skills that enhance the movement of fluids and increase the fluidity of movement.  Participants will develop strategies to enhance movement and manual skills to reduce the potential for injuries and unintentional injury causing behaviors and significantly increase stability and mobility resulting in greater adaptability.

Please email info@optimalbodywork.net if you have questions but you must preregister above at the links for Cortiva in Seattle or East West College in Portland.